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One week in Provence
France is our country

        Provence is our Passion
We can tailormake your visit  a couple of days or longer if you wish.
The programs are ideal for single women who don't like to travel alone, couple who don't like to drive, mother and child who want to learn a little french  or high school students whose parents hesitate sending them alone to Europe.
If you are looking for an authentic way to discover Provence, you have found the right people…
Ghislaine invite you to experience the genuine charm of the French way of life.
Far from the tourist business you will be led through stunning villages, towns, plains and valleys. Giving you  new feelings, new smells and new tastes.
A new and refreshing way of getting to know the real France.
We will show you our favourite places, as a friend would, sharing the good times and those new experiences with you.
The programs we offer are totally flexible, depending on your mood and desire, we can switch days, change activities and so on..
It’s up to you!! And it’s up to us to make you  real happy and comfortable!
Our offer
These are the sloping vineyards, the purple lavender, wheat fields, olive and almond groves that inspired Cezanne, Matisse, Picasso, Van Gogh and Chagall.